All of us at Human Outreach Project and World Wide Trekking have a strong connection to Utah’s mountains. They have greatly enriched our lives, challenged us, and inspired us. However, through economic and social factors, these mountains that are so much a part of our daily life are inaccessible to thousands of children in the Salt Lake valley. HOP Outdoors seeks to create the means for these kids to get outdoors, learn about the environment, stay healthy, and feel inspired by nature. In partnership with local schools and boys and girls clubs, we run multiple trips a week in the summer to bring local children to Snowbird for outdoor education and leadership training programs. These trips have been incredibly meaningful, fun, and rewarding for all involved.  


    • Underserved youth ages 9-18 from the Salt Lake Valley

    • Riley Elementary

    • Backman Elementary

    • Lied & Capitol West Boys and Girls Clubs

    • Glendale Middle School


  • Volunteers to help assist with program

  • Outdoor education and access for children from economically disadvantaged situations.

  • Warm Clothing, hats and shoes for winter

  • Community building and leadership


  • Providing opportunities and resources for kids to explore the great outdoors, create friendships, learn, and grow.

  • HOP employees and volunteers serve as positive role-models and provide close mentorship.

  • Increasing awareness of natural environments, their accessibility, and value.

Current Events

After a successful first year, we are gearing up to run up to three trips a week through summer 2018. We are also working on developing programming that will continue to engage students in nature and the outdoors through the academic year, and are planning pilot after-school trips through the month of May, 2018. We have also just acquired a van!

Future Goals

We are excited about the impact that this program will have on these children’s lives and their communities. We are working to establish partnerships with Momentum climbing gym to bring kids to the climbing wall during the winter months.We are also looking to incorporating winter outdoor activities, such as snowshoeing, into HOP Outdoors’ programming. We would like to have this be a program that runs year-round, supporting the children and enabling them to access the outdoors every day!


Our partners help us connect directly with the children in our communities who are most in need of these experiences. We have worked with Salt Lake City’s Lied Boys and Girls Club, Capitol West Boys and Girls Club, Backman Elementary School, Glendale Middle School, and Riley Elementary School to identify the students who will benefit the most from being a part of HOP Outdoors.



We are always in need of volunteers to help chaperone trips, enrich the educational experience for our students, and expand our outreach to local communities.

If you are interested in volunteering, get in touch with us at hop@wwtrek.com or 801.943.0264