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Through aid-posts like Manang and Pheriche, the HRA works to prevent deaths from Acute Mountain Sickness through education, and provides medical care for accidents and illnesses encountered in the Himalaya.

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Project History

HOP started partnering with the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA), a Nepalese non-profit, in 2015 by donating medical supplies. In 2016, with aid from donors including KUHL, an outdoor lifestyle clothing company, HOP funded renovations to the Manage Aid-Post clinic building, while the Nepalese Department of Tourism provided funding for the medical provider’s living quarters. By strategically partnering with the HRA and the Department of Tourism, we provided the community of Manang, plus surrounding areas, with much more than we could have independently. 


The Manage Aid Post was established in 1981 by the HRA. It acts as the only medical center in the upper regions of the popular Annapurna circuit trek. It is instrumental in providing medical services and rescue assistance to local people, trekkers, mountaineers, support staff, and porters. The medical clinic in Manang serves over 2,500 people per three-month season, 75% of whom are locals who have traveled to the area to make a living in tourism, and have no support systems or medical care to fall back on.


In 2019, we completed phase III, including the main medical building, now able to accept patients. Also finished were the doctors’ quarters with amenities including showers, a kitchen, a common area, and a courtyard on the clinic grounds.


In 2020, HOP sponsored another HRA project at the Pheriche Aid-Post, which is the only medical center in upper Khumbu Valley, and the closest by far to Everest. Many of our Everest trekkers visit Pheriche on the way to Everest Base Camp. The Pheriche Medical Clinic gives medical assistance to trekkers and climbers in the upper Khumbu Valley but also provides medical assistance throughout the year to the local Sherpa communities. The old sunroom and lecture hall were built in the 90’s and were in deteriorating condition. The proposed revision would accommodate training and rest for guides, porters, etc. We traveled to Nepal in 2021 to break ground on construction, which the pandemic had halted.


In 2022, the lecture hall renovation at the Pheriche Medical Clinic was completed in partnership with KÜHL. The lecture hall will serve as a place for learning and development for the hospital for years. 

Finishing details continue to be added to the Medical Clinic as we work to ensure it is a welcoming place for visitors and patients.  We are excited to reopen the clinic on a full-time basis by helping to hire additional staff to work through the monsoon season. The Medical Clinic services local villagers and climbers– so the importance of this clinic being operational all year is incredible. 


On Dean’s last trip to Nepal in 2023, he took part in a ceremonial ribbon cutting that signified the re-opening of the Pheriche Medical Clinic. Something the entire HOP team is extremely proud of. 

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