Get Involved

Get Involved

Everything HOP does relies on support from generous donors and sponsors like you. Sponsorship takes many forms, and is the perfect opportunity for supporters to deepen their commitment to our mission, enriching and uplifting the communities that surround unforgettable adventures. 

Opportunities to sponsor can look like any of the following:


  • Sponsor a child at the KKC! All donations to the Kilimanjaro Kid’s Community go towards funding property management and improvements, children’s meals, clothing, books, KKC salaries, and all necessities for the children. 
  • Sponsor children’s education! It costs $1000/year to sponsor a child’s primary school education in Tanzania, and $1200/year to cover a child’s secondary school education. Through generous donations made, we can sponsor every child who lives at the KKC’s cost of education.
  • Sponsor food for school children! We proudly run two school lunch programs for children in Tanzania. We first began the Makuyuni School Lunch Program, and due to its success, started the Embukoi School Lunch Program as well. It costs roughly $26,000 to supply a year’s worth of food to each program. We also pay the salaries of dedicated employees to prepare the food and help organize the distribution. These programs have significantly impacted the attendance rate of the schools, which has positively impacted the student’s academic progression. 
  • Volunteering in Tanzania: There is almost always an opportunity to visit the KKC while on a trek with our sister company, World Wide Trekking. Many times guests stay a few extra days in Tanzania to spend time with the children of the KKC, help with a small project, and if time permits visit one of the school lunch programs. We have also expanded the Annual Climb 4 Kids to include a great HOP pre-trip that serves as a perfect opportunity to get involved in our Tanzanian efforts!


  • Sponsor children’s education! Throughout Khari Khola and Juving Secondary Schools in the Khumbu Valley of Nepal, our sponsors have helped maintain the solar power we installed, the computer centers the students use, continuous clean drinking water, student tuition, teacher salaries, and various basic supplies to uphold a fulfilling education. Access to resources like these has greatly impacted not only the students’ education but the community as a whole. Having access to computer centers helps uplift an entire community.
  • Sponsor Dental and Medical Clinics! Annapurna Medical Clinic in Manang, Nepal is the only medical clinic in the upper regions of the Annapurna Circuit Trek– frequented by thousands of visitors each year, leaving them with little access to medical aid. Through our efforts we have been able to expand and help support this clinic, leaving it a reliable and safe place to receive treatment while trekking in the high Nepalese elevations. The Pheriche Medical Clinic within the Khumbu Valley is the closest medical clinic to Mount Everest. We have continued our efforts to renovate, in partnership with KÜHL, with our two-phase plan nearing its end now! We have also taken time to update the x-ray machines at the Namche Dental Clinic, something not only important for the local community but impactful for any trekker near Everest with a dental emergency. We notice at higher elevations, dental emergencies become more intense when they arise, so this helps ensure the health and care of locals and guests alike. 
  • Volunteering in Nepal: While trekking with our sister company World Wide Trekking, there is often an opportunity to include site visits to our local school projects or computer centers, along with the medical and dental clinics.


  • Sponsor groceries for Veterans and their families! Help us around the holiday season to order and package groceries to deliver to Veterans in need. We have seen firsthand the joy and pride it brings to the families as they receive groceries to help them prepare holiday meals to enjoy together. 
  • Sponsor our HOP Outdoors program! Our HOP Outdoor program provides lunches, daypacks, and tram passes to at-risk youth thanks to our generous partners Utah Food Services, Snowbird Ski Resort, and The North Face! With the help of our donors, we helped to pay our guide’s salary, and just this year purchased matching shirts for all of the children participating! 
  • Volunteering in Utah: Help us package and distribute groceries to the front door of a Veteran in need! Experience the joy of giving back to our local community, while also spreading some holiday cheer and offering a thank you to our service members. You can also volunteer your time to participate in the HOP Outdoors project, joining our guide and chaperones on the trails of the Wasatch mountains as we offer the first taste of the great outdoors to local at-risk youth. 


  • Sponsor children’s education! The Pashpa and Huaripampa villages in Peru are home to two of our computer centers. Donations to these projects go towards the maintenance of the building and technology, as well as the educational tools that we have installed– uplifting not only school-age children but many members of the community. These tools not only serve as traditional educational tools but as vocational training tools as well.
  • Sponsor holiday cheer for families! We help sponsor the Chocolatada Festivals in two remote villages of Peru each year. These festivals bring together entire communities, ensuring every child receives a gift of warm clothing and toys, and host traditional Peruvian Christmas foods and beverages to further promote a sense of community and celebration.
  • Volunteering in Peru: While trekking with our sister company World Wide Trekking, there is often an opportunity to include site visits to our local computer centers.

Sponsor a Custom Project

If you have something specific in mind, we are all ears! We have worked with a wide range of groups in the past, including college groups helping with construction in remote villages, and families who took on the mission of providing educational materials to schools deep in the mountains. Sponsoring a custom project means supporting it from start to finish, and providing insight, guidance, and hands-on help seeing it through.


Human Outreach Project wouldn’t exist without our sister company, World Wide Trekking. Every HOP project is connected to a WWTrek trip and involves giving back to the communities that support our adventures.


Most of WWTrek’s trips include a component of giving back and supporting local communities. Often, they include brief stops at HOP projects and can be customized to involve more in-depth humanitarian work.

Tanzania Voluntourism Adventures

Such adventures take guests through all of our projects in Tanzania, with visits to the Kilimanjaro Kids Community, Makuyuni School, and the Mama na M’toto Women’s Empowerment Group. Trips range from 3 to 9 days and involve custom service projects at each location. With the Kilimanjaro Kids Community Guest House finished, we’ve enjoyed hosting numerous student & volunteer groups.

Nepal Voluntourism

Plan a stand-alone voluntourism trip or add a project onto a WWTrek adventure. Trek to Everest Base Camp and stop at the Namche Dental Clinic on your way to resupply the clinic, which is the only dental clinic in the Khumbu Valley. Or you can make a detour to a secondary school in the small villages of Juving or Khari Khola to install a solar-powered computer center, a PA system, or an industrial water filter. The village visits offer a truly unique experience, as they’re both remote Sherpa communities (and at a lower altitude than the trek to base camp!).

Santa Cruz Voluntourism Trek in Peru

This trek follows the beautiful Santa Cruz trekking route, one of the most popular routes in Peru. Along the way, guests spend time in the villages of Pashpa and Huaripampa, completing projects at HOP’s newly constructed computer centers.