During HOP’s “Rays of Joy” project, we worked extensively to deliver solar powered equipment to the small town of Juving, which lies off of the main trekking route to Everest Base Camp.  We also discovered that we were barely scratching the surface of the village’s needs.  Juving School was lacking basic amenities such as chairs, desks, and well-trained teachers. So HOP worked with the school’s headmaster to build desks and chairs for each of the school’s 350 children, as well as paying the salaries of four trained computer teachers for a year, and installing a much-needed PA system. We also installed an industrial water filter in the school, giving students and village residents access to clean drinking water year-round.


  • Juving School’s 350 students

  • Community members who use the school’s facilities and drinking water


  • Desks, chairs, and trained teachers

  • Year-round access to clean drinking water

  • Continued funding for student tuition

  • Funding for Wifi access


  • Juving Secondary School now has updated facilities, including comfortable desks and chairs

  • Four trained teachers now work at the school, teaching computer skills

  • 350 students and the surrounding community now have year-round access to clean drinking water

Current Events

A recent follow-up visit in October, 2017 found that the new facilities at the school are well-maintained, and are being used every day by children and the community alike. Teachers are now holding classes in English, computer skills, and social studies, and HOP is exploring new ways to support the community in Juving. HOP has also committed to making sure that each child attends school every day by paying the $2 yearly tuition cost for each child at the school.