Mama Na Mtoto Women’s Empowerment Group

Empowering women – empowering communities






in startup funds



year of rent for a storefront



 years in business selling Batik fabric



 families with new opportunities

How Can I Help?

Our sister company, World Wide Trekking, offers many trips to Tanzania that include a visit to the meet the women, check out their shop, and buy some of their beautiful clothing. Contact World Wide Trekking for information about upcoming trips and opportunities to visit the Women’s Empowerment Group.

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Monetary donations help HOP continue to support the Women’s Empowerment Group. Donations can also go towards grants for new projects and initiatives.


More exposure and help with advertising will get Mama Na M’toto Women’s Empowerment Group one step closer to self-sufficiency! If you would like to get involved and help to get the word out about what the Women’s Empowerment Group is doing, contact us!

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Project History

In Mto Wa M’bu, a town that World Wide Trekking Safaris pass through, a group of local women founded Mama Na M’toto, a women’s empowerment group. Driven by their determination to send all of their children to school, they started an independent microloan group. In 2016 HOP found about this group, and was eager to support their mission. HOP found a new office building, which is situated on a heavily trafficked road, pays the office rent and has provided startup funding for their batik clothing business.

Future Goals

It is our hope that the women will achieve success with their batik business so that they can support themselves, send their children to school, and empower the entire community. To help them achieve this, we are working on developing marketing materials, such as signs, business cards, and a website. We also hope to use what we have learned working with these women as a model for other groups in a similar situation in Tanzania.