Mama Na M’toto

Mama Na Mtoto Women’s Empowerment Group

Empowering women – Empowering communities


years in business selling Batik fabric
families with new opportunities
$ 0 k+
in startup funds
year of rent for a storefront


The Mama Na M’toto Women’s Empowerment Group was formed in 2013, in the village of Mto wa Mbu as a way for local women to fund their children’s education. When the group was brought to HOP’s attention in 2016, they had already nearly doubled their membership, and were developing the idea for a batik clothing and handmade soap business. HOP provided funding for a dedicated space to be used as their community headquarters, and with capital for their start-up hand made batik clothing business.
The town of Mto wa Mbu is a booming spot for safari travelers to stop and experience a bit of local culture. In order to seize the economic opportunity tourism brings to the area, we’ve helped the group relocate their batik clothing shop to a location with much more foot traffic. HOP hopes to increase awareness of what the women’s group is accomplishing, and to bring more business their way once tourism returns. In doing so, we’ll be helping create a website and additional signage for their business.

What is Batik Clothing?

Batik is a method of creating stunning, intricate patterns on fabric. Using a combination of dyes, dye-resistant waxes, and special folding methods, the women create elaborate, multi-color designs. Each piece of fabric is hand-made and entirely unique. Batik fabrics are often worn as headscarves or sewn into beautiful dresses or skirts.

How Can I Help?

Future Goals

It is our hope that the women will achieve success with their batik business so that they can support themselves, send their children to school, and empower the entire community. To help them achieve this, we are working on developing marketing materials, such as signs, business cards, and a website. We also hope to use what we have learned working with these women as a model for other groups in a similar situation in Tanzania.