First Annual Charity Climb to Feed the Kids of Kilimanjaro



Kilimanjaro School Lunch Program

In 2016, Dean sat down with the headmaster of a Tanzanian school called Makuyuni school to ask what they struggled with most. He found out that their biggest need wasn’t textbooks, and it wasn’t more teachers… It was simply food. Kids were missing school because they didn’t have enough to eat. Those who did attend were often unfocused and lethargic from hunger. Since that time, HOP’s mission has been to provide food and cooking supplies to the kids of Kilimanjaro. Since we began providing daily lunches for the students of Makuyuni, both attendance rates and test scores have improved dramatically! Our goal now is to expand the Kilimanjaro school lunch program beyond Makuyuni School, continuing to make a difference at other schools in Tanzania whose students are still struggling from food shortages. Help us make a difference today!

The First Annual Charity Climb

For those who are passionate about adventure travel as well as humanitarian efforts, we invite you to consider our ‘First Annual Charity Climb to Feed the Kids of Kilimanjaro.’ Any trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro is “the trip of a lifetime”, but this one is really special: we’re climbing to feed the Kids of Kilimanjaro. These children are hungry because the COVID-19 Pandemic has stopped almost all tourism to Tanzania, so their parents are not able to work. A portion of the money we raise will go toward the expansion of the Kilimanjaro school lunch program. Our climbing party will include Dr. Art Ulene, the former TODAY Show doctor who– at the age of 85– will be climbing Kilimanjaro for the third time. He invites you to join him– actually or virtually– on the 19,341′ peak of Africa’s tallest mountain. Some deserving kids will eat lunch for a year because of your participation!

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