Bima’s Rice and Beans Co.

Bima’s Rice and Beans Co.

Start-up support for a now sustainable small business


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pounds of rice & beans supplied to HOP’s KKC and Makuyuni School Lunch Program


In 2014, Dean was approached by one of his long-term Kilimanjaro waiters, Bimanicha (Bima) Kilugala, with his dream of starting a rice and bean packaging business to support his young family. He had shown his commitment to this vision already, working for years to save the start-up costs in order to make it a reality, but had not been successful in saving the proper amount of capital to begin his business. In support, Dean awarded Bima a $500 start-up grant. In 2016, after the success of Bima’s initial start-up, HOP provided another $500 for the purchase of a rice packaging machine.
Bima’s Rice and Beans has been consistently growing since it was founded. In 2017, HOP printed business cards and stickers to help Bima market and grow his business, and he became officially licensed and registered as a merchant. In 2018, we helped purchase a bag sealer for packing and personalizing his product. This year HOP funded a new vehicle for Bima to deliver his product and expand his network of customers. The ability to drive further has immensely increased his overall growth opportunities. His business now provides food to HOP’s Kilimanjaro Kids Community, and is able to provide low cost food to the Makuyuni School Lunch Program as well. Bima’s Rice and Beans is a perfect example of how supporting one individual can lift an entire community, and we are excited to see his business continue to grow.

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