In April 2017, HOP hosted the Intermountain Medical Center, Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital, and the Thoracic Society of Nepal’s first annual International Workshop on Rib Fixation Surgery in Kathmandu, Nepal. Six trauma surgeons from the United States presented a series of lectures on surgical techniques for chest trauma, as well as Q&A sessions and hands on training for 23 surgeons from Nepal and the surrounding regions.

Chest trauma is a major cause of death, primarily in road traffic accidents, though it also affects trekkers and climbers. Rib fixation is an underutilized technique that significantly increases survival and reduces long-term pain and disability from chest trauma. The skills and knowledge, as well as surgical hardware, disseminated at this conference will help save numerous lives that previously would have been lost to chest trauma, and will vastly improve recovery time and quality of life for survivors.


  • The communities of all 23 Nepalese surgeons who attended the conference

  • Locals, trekkers, doctors, medical facilities, and future doctors all benefit from the knowledge and skillset gained at this conference



  • We have provided a valuable skillset that has, and will continue to impact medical patients with chest injuries

Current Events

 HOP is currently planning the 2018 International Workshop on Rib Fixation Surgery with the help of Tom White, a trauma surgeon at Intermountain Medical Center in Utah. In an attempt to spread our impact, the 2018 workshop will be held in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. 

Future Goals

HOP hopes to hold another medical workshop in 2019 to give new doctors the opportunity to partake in this workshop. Our goal is to uplift the doctors, and thus their communities.