Makuyuni School Lunch Program

Daily school lunches for students at the Makuyuni Primary School



Tanzanian primary school children






lunches served since the program began



full-time jobs as school cooks created



increase in school attendance



 children guaranteed at least 1 hot meal a day

How Can I Help?

Monetary donations are crucial to sustaining this project, as they help us buy food and pay the cooks. The annual cost to sustain this project is $14,000.


Our sister company, World Wide Trekking, offers many trips to Tanzania. All these trips offer opportunities to visit the Makuyuni Primary School to help the staff serve lunch. After this beautiful and powerful experience, you can spend time with the kids, tour the school, and meet school staff. Contact World Wide Trekking for information about upcoming trips and opportunities to visit Makuyuni Primary School.

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Project History

Makuyuni Primary School lies along a popular safari route. When HOP visited this school in May of 2016, we found out that their most pressing need was food for their 850 students. Many families can’t afford the small lunch fee that the school must charge, which has led to a huge drop in attendance. Upon hearing this, HOP decided to start a lunch program that would feed all 850 students every school day for the year. Since the program has begun, the school’s attendance has increased to 943 kids.

Future Goals

Our next goal is to improve the sanitation conditions at the school. In rural areas like Makuyuni, access to sanitation and clean running water is sorely lacking. With no running water, it’s difficult for the school to maintain sanitary food prep and eating conditions. Our upcoming project will pipe in clean water and create a large wash basin near the kitchen.

Materials and labor for this project will cost only $2,810, and will provide access to clean water and improved sanitation conditions to over 1,000 students, staff, teachers, and families in Makuyuni.

Additionally, we are proud that Bima’s Rice and Beans has grown to be able to supply rice for the program and we hope his company will continue to grow and help support Makuyuni.