Makuyuni Primary School lies along a popular safari route. When HOP visited this school in May of 2016, we found out that their most pressing need was food for their 850 students. Many families can’t afford the small lunch fee that the school must charge, which has led to a huge drop in attendance. Upon hearing this, HOP decided to start a lunch program that would feed all 850 students every school day for the year.


  • Makuyuni School’s 850 students and 17 teachers

  • 2 Tanzanians with full time jobs cooking!


  • A continuous supply of food (~$11,000 per year)

  • New water filtration and storage system

  • School supplies (in bulk)


  • Feeding 850 students lunch every day for a year

  • Attendance rates have increased from 85% to 93% in two months

  • Employing two Tanzanian cooks full time

Current Events

The Makuyuni School Lunch Program continues to feed over 850 students lunch every day. Early in 2017, with the long dry season, there was a massive shortage of food throughout Tanzania, making it especially hard for more remote families to eat. This made the one full lunch time meal at Makuyuni that much more important for them and their families. As of January 2018, we have secured food for the school for the entire year.

Future Goals

HOP plans to continue providing lunches for the students at Makuyuni. We are also exploring new ways to support the school, including brightening up the buildings with a new coat of paint, providing teachers with professional development opportunities, and installing a fresh water drinking source at the school.

Through our Experiential Education Program, we plan to work with Makuyuni’s teachers and students to implement the global learning and public health curriculum currently being developed by Human Outreach Project and Harvard’s Global Health Education and Learning Incubator.

Additionally, we hope that Bima’s Rice and Beans company will grow to supply beans for the Makuyuni Primary school!