Kids’ Christmas

Giving back during the holidays



local families



local children



Christmas gifts



for parents to purchase gifts for their children



 parents can buy gifts for their children during the holidays



 children have presents to open on Christmas morning

How Can I Help?

This coming year HOP hopes to set up a large gift drive for the Kids’ Christmas Project. We are looking for volunteers to help organize and run the gift drive as well as volunteers to help distribute the gifts and gift cards.

Contact Us

Donations of children’s gifts are vital to this project and make a difference for families in Utah. Gifts can be brought to a gift drive or dropped off at our HOP office. To get involved this holiday season, contact us.

Contact Us

Monetary donations are crucial to this project, as they empower parents to choose personalized gifts for their children. This opportunity brings joy and fulfillment to parents and families.


Project History

In 2017, volunteers at Riley Elementary School noticed that many of the teachers were purchasing gifts for their students out of their own pockets. When these volunteers asked HOP to help, we agreed to sponsor 13 families who, due to difficult financial situations, are unable to afford Christmas presents for their children. Each family has between 2 and 8 children. HOP provided a box of family gifts and a $50 gift card per child given to the parents to empower them to purchase personalized Christmas gifts.

Future Goals

The Kids Christmas Project will entail a larger gift drive this year, in the hopes that more local families can enjoy a merrier Christmas thanks to the support from their local community.