Khari Khola Secondary School

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Nepalese community



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students staying in their community for school


 improved for an entire community

How Can I Help?

HOP’s sister company, World Wide Trekking, organizes frequent trips to Nepal, to visit Everest Base Camp and other areas throughout the magnificent Himalayas. If you are interested in visiting Khari Khola School, contact us or visit World Wide Trekking for upcoming trip dates. 

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This project was funded by a generous donor. One donation allowed over 600 children to have access to an incredible wealth of educational resources for years to come.  Everything that we do is only possible with help from our supporters!


Project History

During our 2016 “Rays of Joy” Project, HOP installed extensive solar equipment throughout the village of Khari Khola. During this time, we noticed that the teachers were struggling to teach important computer skills on a few very old laptops. We knew that the teachers and students at Khari Khola would make great use of improved resources. It has been a goal of HOP’s to bring those resources to them.

On a recent Everest Base Camp Trek, a World Wide Trekking guest was moved to make a donation for the funding of a computer center at Khari Khola Secondary School. In November of 2018, Dean Cardinale traveled to Khari Khola to deliver their new technological resources. 

In addition to 12 brand new laptop computers, HOP also installed a RACHEL World-Possible device and 2 Kindles pre-loaded with over 100 classic children’s books.

Future Goals

HOP is committed to supporting the village of Khari Khola by maintaining the computers and solar equipment installed there, and continuing to look for further ways that we can be of assistance.