HOP is operationally inseparable from our parent company, World Wide Trekking (WWTrek), a company owned and operated by Dean Cardinale, that provides guests with adventure trekking opportunities around the globe. HOP is one of the three founding principles of WWTrek that developed from Dean’s previous guiding experiences.  Before the Human Outreach Project began, he had been guiding mountain climbs throughout the world. Witnessing poverty stricken people in tourist destinations planted a social consciousness in him that slowly evolved into an obligation to give back. Thus, the 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Human Outreach Project, was established in 2007. The catalytic event is the first on HOP’s timeline below.  

HOP History

HOP History


HOP Outdoors continue to grow

In its second year, HOP Outdoors more than triples the number of trips run and students reached.

Peru Computer Centers get Educational Software

HOP treks in a device called RACHEL World-Possible to the computer centers in Pashpa and Huaripampa, equipping them with a wealth of offline educational resources.

Computers and Educational Software for Schools in Nepal

Dean travels to Nepal with a RACHEL World-Possible device for Juving and Khari Khola schools, and 12 Dell laptops for Khari Khola school.

KKC Guest House and Staff Quarters Completed

HOP completes two new buildings, allowing both visitors and staff to stay on-site.



HOP continues to trek in dental supplies to Namche Dental clinic, en route to Everest Base Camp.

The Annapurna Medical Clinic in Manang Opens its Doors

HOP completes the first phase of construction on the medical clinic in Manang, though there is still much work to be done.HOP completes the first phase of construction on the medical clinic in Manang, though there is still much work to be done.

Bima’s Rice and Beans Gets Business Cards and Stickers

HOP prints business cards and stickers to help Bima grow his business and find new clients.

HOP Continues Supporting Mama na M’toto Women’s Empowerment Group

With HOP’s support, Women’s Group’s Batik Clothing business grows.

Makuyuni School Attendance Continues to Increase

HOP commits to continuing the Makuyuni School Lunch Program, and is proud to see an increase to over 950 students regularly attending classes.

Computer Centers in Peru

HOP works with groups of dedicated volunteers to construct computers centers at the schools in Pashpa and Huaripampa Villages, complete with 10 Dell laptops each.

Kids’ Christmas Program Begins

HOP’s newest local program supports local Utah families who can’t afford Christmas presents.

HOP Outdoors Runs its First Summer Trips

In its first year, HOP Outdoors runs over a dozen summer trips to bring underserved Utah youth to experience the Wasatch Mountains.

Veterans Outreach Project

The veterans OUtreach Project continues bringing holiday meals and cheer to local veterans in need.

International Rib Fixation Surgical Conference

HOP hosts a highly successful conference in Nepal to train 23 doctors on a life-saving surgical technique.

KKC Development Continues

HOP begins construction on the Kilimanjaro Kids Community Guest House and Staff Quarters.


Himalayan Rescue Association Medical Supplies

With donations from Stanford trekkers, HOP secures and purchases medical supplies to deliver to HRA headquarters in Kathmandu.

Rays of Joy Project Launched in Nepal

HOP partners with Goal Zero again to bring solar power to a number of remote villages, many of which are off the trekking path to Everest, and therefore receive little notice or aid.


Juving Secondary School

HOP supports Juving Secondary School by building desks and chairs for its students, installing a PA system, and paying the salary of four trained teachers for a year.


Namche Dental Clinic

HOP continues its tradition of trekking supplies into Namche Dental Clinic. This year, HOP also supports reconstruction efforts after an earthquake, installing two solar panels and nine lights.

Manang Medical Clinic

HOP agrees to support the Himalayan Rescue Association by helping renovate and rebuild the run-down Manang Clinic.

Pasang’s Children Continue their Education

Lhakpa attends college and lives in his own apartment, while Dawa and Maya continue their high school education.

Dharm Veer’s Kids Go to School

With a $2,500 donation, HOP helps Dharm Veer, a shoe cobbler in Nepal, achieve his dream of sending his children to school.

KKC Infrastructure Developments Continue

HOP continues improve the KKC, including new staff quarters, a kitchen extension, a guest dorm, a welcome center, new roofing, and a paint job.

KKC Kids Get Bicycles

Dean and his good friend, Dean Gestal, purchase 12 brand new bicycles through HOP for the kids at KKC. HOP builds them a bike track on KKC grounds to practice riding on.

Trekking for Kids Comes to KKC

A group called Trekking for Kids spent two days volunteering at KKC, where they helped construct a new staff building as well as new cubbies for the kids.

Makuyuni School Lunch Program Begins

HOP provides lunch every day for a year to the 850 students at Makuyuni Primary School, increasing attendance from 85% to 93% in two months.


Mama Na M’toto Women’s Empowerment Group

HOP funds an office space for a group of women in Tanzania to grow their business and pursue financial independence.

HOP Teams up with Harvard for the Experiential Educational Program

Dr. Sue Goldie, Director of the Global Health Education and Global Learning Incubator (GHELI) and HOP Board Chair, works with HOP to develop a curriculum for global learning in public health.

Bimas Rice and Beans

HOP supports a WWTrek porter in Tanzania with a $500 start-up grant for his rice and bean business.

Pashpa Chocolatada Festival

For the third year in a row, HOP hosted the Chocolatada Festival in Pashpa, Peru, providing gifts, traditional food and beverages, and warm clothing to the village’s 450 inhabitants.

Veterans Outreach Project Expands to 31 Families

HOP’s local outreach project provides meals and gift cards to 31 Utah veteran families during the holiday season.


Earthquake Disaster Relief in Nepal

After a devastating earthquake hits Nepal, Dean and WWTrek guide Patrick Reddish travels to the hardest hit areas with supplies, equipment, and 4 trauma surgeons to help in the relief efforts.

Dharm Veer’s Shoe Cobbler Business

HOP gives $500 in support of a local show cobbler, Dharm Veer, who had his box of tools stolen.

Sherpa Relief Fund Banquet

HOP hosts a banquet in Kathmandu for the families of the Sherpas killed in the 2014 avalanche on Everest, and delivers $26,000 to the families of those lost.

Namche Dental Clinic

HOP continues its tradition of trekking supplies into Namche Dental Clinic.

Lhakpa, Pasang’s Oldest Child, Begins College

With the help of HOP’s educational fund, Lhakpa attends college and moves into an apartment on his own.

Rays of Light Project

HOP teams up with Goal Zero to bring solar power to the KKC, installing solar panels, batteries, and lights on the pavilion, storage area, dormitory, learning center, kitchen, front gate, and livestock area, as well as at a number of buildings in the nearby community.

Rainwater Harvesting Project at KKC

HOP completes a rainwater collection system at KKC to store water from the rainy season to use for gardening, cleaning, and watering the grounds.

KKC Kids on Safari

The children at KKC, who have never before left their small village, are treated to a full-service safari with World Wide Trekking.

Pashpa Chocolatada Festival

HOP hosts a second Chocolatada Festival, including gifts and traditional food, for the 450 inhabitants of Pashpa.

Veteran Outreach Project Reaches 12 families

The Veterans Outreach Project continues strong, reaching 12 Utah families during the holiday season.


HOP Holds Sherpa Relief Fundraiser 

After a devastating avalanche takes the lives of 16 Sherpas on Everest, HOP works with Snowbird Ski Resort to hold a fundraiser. The event brings in over $26,000, all of which goes directly to the families of those lost.

Namche Dental Clinic

HOP continues its tradition of trekking supplies into Namche Dental Clinic.

Funds for Pasang’s Children

HOP continues its tradition of giving each of Pasang’s three children another deposit for education and living expenses.

KKC Children are Accepted to Private School

KKC’s children begin formal schooling at Safina Primary School.

Improvements are Completed on KKC Buildings

HOP finished much-needed improvements on the learning center, kitchen and storage room.

Land Cruiser is Purchased for KKC

Because KKC is in a remote area, a land cruiser is purchased to significantly reduce transportation costs, ease day-to-day operations, transport the kids to school, and enable the kids to get to hospital quickly in the event of an emergency.

HOP Hosts Chocolatada Festival in Peru

HOP provides traditional food and beverages, as well as gifts, for the holiday Chocolatada Festival in the small village of Pashpa, Peru.

Veterans Outreach Project Grows to 14 families

HOP’s local project brings holiday cheer to 14 Utah families, with Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and gift cards.


Cataract Intervention Surgeries in Nepal

HOP facilitates the Moran Eye Center and the Himalayan Cataract Foundation as they work on a joint mission at Jiri Eye Camp.

Namche Dental Clinic

HOP delivers more supplies to Namche Dental Clinic, as part of WWTrek’s Everest Base Camp trek.

Pasang’s Children Visit their Mother

HOP works with Visit Your Village to send Pasang’s children to Khari Khola to visit family.

Cow Project is Started at KKC

HOP purchases two cows to provide milk to the children at KKC.

KKC Children Receive Tutoring to Prepare Them for School

A tutor begins teaching on site at the KKC to prepare kids to pass the entrance exam for formal schooling.

HOP Provides a Scholarship for Promising Young Peruvian Girl

HOP creates a scholarship to support local Peruvian guide Rodolfo Reyes in sending his daughter to college.

Veteran Outreach Project Begins

HOP’s first local program begins, providing holiday meals to eight Utah veteran families, and purchasing gifts for over 30 kids.


KKC Gets its First Children and Staff Members 

KKC opens its doors, providing housing, education, and three meals a day to 13 children. It is staffed by two social workers, a grounds keeper, a cook, and a guard.  

HOP Continues Construction at KKC 

HOP continues working on our ongoing projects at KKC, including a kitchen/dining building, a water tower, a separate boys dorm, staff quarters, a guard house, a learning center, and an infirmary.  

Two Sewing Machines Donated to Communities in Peru

HOP donates two sewing machines, to a home for teenage mothers and to a remote village 2 hours outside of Cusco, in hopes that it will help women there support themselves and their children.  

Supplies Donated to San Juan de Dios Clinic Home 

WWTrek guide Gale Dahlager facilitates HOP’s donation of clothing, hygiene kits, and school supplies to an orphanage in Peru that serves children with special handicaps.


Supplies Donated to Himalayan Children’s Foundation

HOP donates medical supplies, clothing, and hygiene kits to HCF.


Sponsorship for Namche Dental Clinic

   In addition to the donation of $500 to Namche Dental Clinic, HOP was able to facilitate a dental sponsorship from UltraDent, a local dental supplier.  

HOP Opens Educational Bank Accounts for Pasang’s Children

HOP officially opened $1,000 educational bank accounts for each of Ang Pasang’s three children, which they will have access to when they turn 18.  

Cataract Intervention Surgeries in Nepal

Doctors from the USA travel with WWTrek/HOP to perform Cataract Intervention surgeries in Nepal. 

Pavillion and Kids Dorm are Finished at KKC

 Volunteers completed two key buildings at the KKC, getting it ready to open its doors.  


Students Visit Usa River Medical Clinic and Donate a Microscope

After helping with the ground breaking of the KKC, the students from the Leadership Trek visited Usa River Medical Clinic to donate a microscope.  

Cataract Intervention Surgeries Tanzania

Doctors from the USA travel with WWTrek/HOP to perform Cataract Intervention surgeries in Tanzania. 

Student Leadership Group Breaks Ground on KKC 

Six students travel to Tanzania with Dean and HOP Board Chair Sue Goldie as part of a Student Leadership Trek. They break ground on the KKC by planting trees, marking off future building sites, and laying the foundation for the pavilion. 


Land is purchased for Kilimanjaro Kids Community

HOP purchases 4 acres of land in Tanzania to be the permanent home of the Kilimanjaro Kids Community.  

Volunteers Purchase Cows and Build Corral for Orphanage in Tanzania

Volunteers Victoria Gregg and the Sullivan family raise money to purchase two cows for the Kilimanjaro Children Joy Foundation Orphanage. Students volunteers help build a corral to house them.  

Doctors Visit Usa River Medical Clinic

In addition to delivering medical supplies, HOP arranges for a group of 9 doctors to spend a day at the clinic, seeing over 80 local patients.  

HOP Delivers Supplies to the HoPe foundation in Peru

Student volunteer Alexandra Grossman collects various supplies including school supplies, hygiene kids, and sporting goods for HOP to deliver to the HoPe foundation, which helps communities around Machu Picchu. 

Additional Funds are Deposited for Pasang’s Children

HOP continues its support of Ang Pasang’s children with further deposits into each of their bank accounts. 


Bank accounts created for Ang Pasang’s Children

HOP opened bank accounts for each of Pasang’s three children, with an initial deposit of $100 each. 

Recreational Equipment Delivered to Himalayan Children’s Foundation

HOP donates 6 extra large North Face duffel bags filled with sporting goods and school supplies to the 100 children housed at the Himalayan Children’s Foundation. 

Supplies Delivered to Namche Dental Clinic

HOP continues to trek supplies into Namche Dental Clinic on route to Everest Base Camp.  

More Supplies Delivered to Usa River Medical Clinic

With the help of WWTrek’s guestsHOP delivers more medical supplies to the Usa River Medical Clinic. 


Dean Treks in Supplies For Namche Dental Clinic

While en route to Everest base camp, HOP brings three duffel bags of dental supplies to the remote Namche Dental Clinic for distribution to the local population. 

Usa River Medical Centre

Over the course of three summits of Kilimanjaro by WWTrek groups, Human Outreach Project delivers dozens of bags of emergency medical supplies to a small public clinic in Tanzania.  

Ang Pasang’s Children and the Himalayan Children’s Foundation

Dean buys supplies for Ang Pasang’s Children and realizes that the need is greater than just one family. He plans to return to help the entire Himalayan Children’s Foundation orphanage. 

HOP Receives 501(c)(3) status

HOP started as a personal mission to give back as much as possible; in 2007, it grew to become a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Dean Commits to Helping Ang Pasang’s family

Ang Pasang Sherpa, the guide who summited Mt. Everest with Dean, perished tragically in an avalanche in 2005. In 2006, Dean returns to Nepal and decides to do whatever he can to support Ang Pasang’s widow and now orphaned children. With this, Human Outreach Project is born.