HOP, in collaboration with the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University, is developing an experiential learning program focused on public health, education, and community service. This program will complement and extend traditional classroom lessons through a curriculum designed around direct experiences in public health and community development. The program will be based out of the Kilimanjaro Kids Community and will visit and learn from other HOP projects such as the Makuyuni Primary School and Mama Na M’toto women’s empowerment group. Other “field trips” from the KKC will include visits at local hospitals, coffee plantations, schools, colleges, and cultural exhibits.  This curriculum is aimed at college students and available for any college program to adopt.


In April 2016, HOP President, Dean Cardinale, along with office coordinator, Nate Mildeberger, met with Dr. Sue J Goldie, HOP’s board chair and the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute at Harvard University, to begin developing a detailed plan for the program. In May of 2016, the three traveled to Tanzania to scout out opportunities where the program could be mutually beneficial to the local communities and the experiential learning program’s students. Over the year, more materials and curriculum was developed for our pilot program that ran in 2017 with a small group of high schoolers.
Originally, the project was meant for high school students but as development progressed, we found college aged students was a better fit. In 2017, Sue and Nate returned to Tanzania on a final scouting trip to complete the learning material required for the program. As of now, HOP is nearing completion of putting the final itinerary together and looking for student programs that are interested in participating.


Human Outreach Project is in collaboration with the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator (GHELI) at Harvard University to develop the curriculum for the Experiential Learning Program. GHELI’s goal is to create innovative leaders and teachers capable of confronting the complex issues in world health and higher education with creative and multi-disciplinary problem solving. Dr. Sue J Goldie, the director of GHELI, had been a close friend and collaborator of Dean’s, as well as HOP’s board chair, for over a decade.

Future Goals

We are currently developing 2, 4, and 6-week programs for college students. They will be based out of our brand new guest dorm on the north east corner of the Kilimanjaro Kids Community, facing Mt. Kilimanjaro. The dates are soon to come.