Earthquake Relief

Emergency relief after Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquake



communities and individuals affected by the earthquake



trauma surgeons




duffle bags of medical supplies


toilet tents



saved from immediate life-threatening injuries



saved from potential injury/disease due to lack of shelter & sanitation

“These [Nepalese] healthcare professionals and their supplies were near exhaustion….our team witnessed the devastation of the earthquake and heard the heart-wrenching stories of the patients.”  HOP Relief Team
“The patients and providers we met…were extraordinarily resilient, and we admired how they had managed the crisis and had started to rebuild their lives.” HOP Relief Team

How Can I Help?

HOP is always ready to jump into action in support of the communities where we work. Monetary donations are crucial in helping us maintain the resources to plan emergency relief efforts such as this one.


Project History

In 2015, Nepal was hit with a devastating earthquake. With nearly 9,000 people killed and 22,000 injured, it was one of the worst natural disasters in Nepal’s history. Within 4 days, HOP was on the ground with four trauma surgeons and 16 duffel bags of medical supplies. The surgeons spent a week doing emergency surgeries in Kathmandu. After the surgeons left, Dean and another World Wide Trekking guide, Patrick Reddish, traveled into remote areas in the Khumbu Valley where they purchased, delivered, and installed toilet tents to avoid further casualties due to spread of disease in the coming monsoon season. They also assisted with rebuilding homes in some of the hardest hit regions of Nepal.