Bima’s Rice and Beans Co.

Start-up support for a small business


Bima Kilugala

World Wide Trekking Porter



in startup grants



 years in business


 lbs of rice & beans supplied to HOP’s KKC and Makuyuni School Lunch Program

How Can I Help?

Monetary donations will help HOP continue to support this startup as well as others like it.


Project History

HOP has always maintained strong relationships with our local WWTrek guides, believing that their success is our success. When long-time WWTrek porter Bimanicha Kilugala approached Dean about starting his own rice and bean business, Dean didn’t hesitate to give him a $500 start-up grant on behalf of HOP. Not only has he succeeded at his initial goal of creating a business that will provide for his children’s future, Bimanicha is also providing rice for the children at HOP’s Kilimanjaro Kid’s Community, the Makuyuni School Lunch Program and many others. Recently, HOP provided another $500 grant for a rice packaging machine and labels to help Bimanicha expand his business.

Future Goals

We hope to see Bima and his family enjoy a bright and successful future, and we will continue to support his business as it grows.