When an avalanche near Mt. Everest base camp killed 16 Nepalese mountains guides on April 18th 2014, HOP knew we had to get involved.  Much of HOP’s history is linked to the Khumbu Valley and Everest base camp, and it is one of WWTrek’s main destinations. Helping the families of those killed in the avalanche was one small way we could give back to the community for its support of our treks.

HOP and Snowbird held a fundraiser to help the families of those lost in the avalanche. Through sales of prayer flags, a raffle, and numerous generous donations, our fundraiser brought in over $27,000 for the affected families.


In early 2015, HOP held a banquet in Kathmandu to honor the Nepalese guides lost in the avalanche. At this banquet, Dean called all of the families up to the podium to award them $1,500 each, and the Minister of Tourism reminded everyone that despite the avalanche and the recent earthquake, Nepal’s future continued to be bright.  


  • The families of the 16 Nepalese guides killed in the 2014 avalanche near Everest base camp


  • Financial assistance

  • Emotional support


  • $1,500 each awarded to 16 families