Ang Pasang and Nepalese Children

Ang Pasang was tragically killed in an avalanche just a year after he and Dean Cardinale summited Mt. Everest together. Dean committed to supporting his children.





Education & Support

for Pasang’s children


Opportunity & Empowerment

for three children

How Can I Help?

The Pasang children are excelling in their studies and HOP will continue to support them through their college degrees. Monetary donations help us pay college tuition and basic living expenses for the Pasang children.


Project History

Human Outreach Project has its origins in a tragedy. During Dean’s 2005 summit of Mt. Everest, he became friends with a Sherpa guide named Ang Pasang. Pasang’s dedication and hard work were crucial to the success of the climb, and he and Dean stood together on the summit of Mt. Everest.  When Pasang was killed in an avalanche shortly after their climb together, his wife and three children lost their means of support, and it seemed they’d also lose their chance at a future. Moved to do whatever he could to support Pasang’s wife and children, Dean created an educational fund for them.

From this original resolution to help the family of a close friend, HOP came into being. HOP now works in remote areas of Africa, Nepal, and South America, as well as locally in the USA. As we expand our reach to more and more people, we remember our original inspiration and will continue to support Pasang’s family.

Current Events & Future Goals

Pasang’s oldest child, Lhakpa, is currently in his final year of college and plans to graduate at the end of 2018. With the help of HOP, he recently was able to rent an apartment and live independently as he finishes school. Lhakpa’s younger sister, Maya, recently graduated from Trinity High School in Kathmandu, and plans to move in with Lhakpa as she prepares to start University. Dawa, the youngest, currently attends Namgyal Tibetan High School and is learning to speak five languages!

We will continue to support Pasang’s three children until they are out of college, and are looking forward to seeing what their futures hold.